Alexander Miles Yeung

Student, Programmer, Tech Enthusiast pursuing Computer Science

My name is Alex

I hope I haven't repeated it too many times

I'm currently in my second year of studying at the University of Waterloo. Technology has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and it is reflected in the work that I do.

Professional and Volunteer Experience

Web Developer

Sept 2015 - December 2015

  • Integrated Twitter's widget UI into a "Drag and Drop" DNN Module by combining the use of JavaScript and C#
  • Co-ordinated with members of TDSB to managed and update website content using CMS tools along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Modernized a module where users can upload files to backend to create a table of downloadable hyperlinks

Web Team Associate

Sept 2014 - Aug 2015

  • Used Git to handle website revision control for better workflow and FTP client for content management
  • Oversaw overhaul of from initial planning and designing to coding responsive functionality
  • Aided in seminars where we taught other members of the organization how to use HTML and CSS

Volunteer Resources Associate

Sept 2011 - Aug 2015

  • Introduced two tiered leadership role for more efficient and autonomous team management
  • Managed over 250 volunteers to ensure optimal task distribution and execution for the "Night It Up!" event
  • Developed verbal and written communication skills from organizing the event with members of other teams and presenting in reception halls

Some of the technologies I've worked with


The base of most web applications and has become the heart of JavaScript programming


The most popular way to view the web, Bower and Grunt immensely help automate the building process


Google's open-source MVC framework, a strong component of many developers' toolbelt


Intuitive full-stack app building especially when coupled with AngularJS to create Angular-Meteor


C style syntax with near C performance. Great language to build a foundation of programming

My Skillset


Experienced in building and maintaining hardware consisting of PCs, cryptocurrency mining rigs, and home networks.


Leadership skills developed through engaging in philanthropic events and leading/presenting to large crowds of people at events.


Self taught skills with the initiative to learn more. Efficient and greatly self-motivated to understand new skills, technologies, and concepts.

Main Projects I've Worked On

Weather Forecast

Angular, Weather API's, MVC Model

My first encounter with MVC model prorgamming, and my first real experience programming a web application. AngularJS proved to be an interesting technology to learn and gave me my base of how I understand frameworks.

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To-Do List

Angular-Meteor, Angular, MongoDB, Meteor - Accounts API

Borrowing the same fundamental concepts that I learned from my Forecast application, I added Meteor to my stack to help create a functional to-do list with sign-in sign-out functionality (courtesy of Meteor's Accounts API).

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Angular-Meteor, Angular, MongoDB

An application I thought of when I realized how fast the tasks in my To-Do list app syncs. It follows the same structure as my To-Do list app but allows users to select their own customization using Angular.

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Grunt, Sass, Bower, NodeJS

Became acquainted with GruntJS, Bower, and many smaller NPM packages such as image-minify and browser-sync. Between understanding how a JS taskrunner works and incorporating SCSS syntax, my workflow has greatly improved.

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